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TimeSheets for Construction Companies (English Only)

Ready-to-Go Timesheets –
Make it Easy for Employees to Record and Enter Time

CleanCut Time$heets – English-Only edition

Select the layout you like best, then modify as desired

time_eng__span_thumbHow shall we enter work time?  Let me count the ways,…

Accurate job costing requires employees to track time and activities spent on various jobs.

That seems really obvious, yet many business owners know it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Employees don’t always record time, activities and materials costs accurately or consistently.  And often, it’s simply that the time sheet makes data entry difficult.

Based on years of experience with hundreds of clients, Info Plus has developed CleanCut Time$heets as a concise, easy-to-use tool.  You’ll choose from several formats and you can easily customize them for your company. Importantly, you can reproduce these time sheets for use in the field.  Your office staff should be pleased with these forms as well, as they’ve been designed with QuickBooks in mind.

We even give you some inside secrets, such as:

Tip #1: Print these forms on card stock for use in the field.

Tip #2: Use colored paper or card stock – that way they’re easy to spot as the unique color will stand out from other office paperwork.

If time and materials reporting is an issue for you, resolve it today.

Sample Screen Shots:

Note – English-only worksheets are identical to the English + Spanish version, but exclude the Spanish “add-in” segments.

Note – License valid for one company and one computer.  $37

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