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How Much Could you Save (or Make) with a Few Simple Changes?

Can Financial Controls have a Big Impact on YOUR Bottom Line?

Qlean$tart® Accounting Solutions
Cost of ChaosTM Analyzer

Are you brave enough to uncover – and actually conquer – your invisible profit leaks?

(Warning:  You may be shocked to learn how much money is simply evaporating out of your business without your knowledge.  Use with caution.  Suitable only for the courageous business owner or accountant… )

D-I-Y:  Do-It-Yourself profit enhancement for business owners (or for accountants who want to help their clients stop profit leaks and achieve higher profits).

Start with “big picture” information from your company’s financial results, then use this analyzer to estimate and measure the impact of “invisible” costs and lost income on your bottom line.

This tool helps you become your own “profit-enhancement auditor”.  You’ll  simply walk through the following 3 steps:

  • Enter your current results (it’s easy…for example, you can extract summary numbers from your tax return)
  • Enter your responses to the “Potential Improvements” section
  • Review the dollar impact of potential changes

These basic steps will help you uncover the significant improvements you could achieve through a series of small (but incredibly effective) changes to your financial, operating, and accounting controls – simply walk through the 3 phases as outlined in the analyzer, and it computes the results for your business.  You’ll be able to easily and quickly see the dollar impact of projected improvements to your bottom line – based on your own knowledge of your business and your own estimates of decreased cost and/or increased income.

Looking to leverage?  If you can only make one or two changes, implement the changes or controls with the potential for the highest dollar impact first.

Discouraged, depressed, or beaten down by the day-to-day chaos of running a business?

Then it may be the perfect time to re-discover why you started your business in the first place!  To help you re-connect with your vision and business vitality, we include a series of 56 life-enhancing, relationship-building, and personal, non-monetary benefits that can result from improved internal operations, accounting controls, and profitability. Use these reminders to convert your workplace into a top-notch production engine while supporting you, your family, and your employees as you provide your customers with quality service.

Based on participant responses during training workshops, potential net income illustrations generally show annual bottom line increases from $60,000-$100,000 — even for companies grossing $1 million or less.  This tool will help you estimate the potential $ impact of improved controls within YOUR company…

Note – Analyzer file delivered electronically.  License valid for one company and one computer.     $197

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