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Easily Create Percentage of Completion Journal Entries!

Quit Guessing at Job Profitability –

Percentage of Completion Analyzer (POCA)

Easy Journal Entries for Longer-Term Contracts,…

  • Do you have long-term jobs or contracts (i.e., that last longer than one or two months)?
  • Do you invoice, or receive payment for jobs, either:
    ♦  Before costs are entered to your accounting system, and/or
    ♦  After costs are entered?
  • Do banks or other agencies require you to compute and report your income on a “Percentage of Completion” basis?
  • Do you wish you knew how much your company really earned during a given period (rather than just knowing what’s in the bank)?
  • Are Percentage of Completion measurements and adjustments confusing or frustrating to you, your bookkeeper, or accountant?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, the Percentage of Completion Analyzer will have immense value for you.

This tool helps you identify and extract the information you need for these crucial accounting entries from your Estimates, Change Orders, known overages, and accounting reports. It then will compute your “over-billed” and “under-billed” amounts, job by job, and present results in a Journal Entry format.

The Analyzer includes sample calculations and an overview of Percentage of Completion concepts.

Sample Screen Shots

For the best view, please maximize each screen:

Note – License valid for one company and one computer $247

Note 2 – Consultants & Accountants:  We love working with consultants and accountants, but please note that this product is NOT licensed for use to compute results for multiple entities.  If you wish to utilize this product for more than one client, please contact us for helpful insights and discounted licensing arrangements.  We appreciate your consideration regarding legal intellectual property rights….

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