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Advanced Accounting Support

Bookkeepers – No.
Advanced Accounting Support – Yes.

Info Plus isn’t a bookkeeping service.  Rather, we join you in special financial projects, verify that your accounting and job-costing systems work appropriately, resolve complicated accounting problems, and help you prepare for financial growth.  Our elbow-to-elbow work with clients always drives for solutions, including developing custom tools to attain them.

Data Cleanup & Troubleshooting

Have a mess on your hands?  Don’t know where to begin?  Like a superhero, it’s Info Plus to the rescue.  Let’s face it, there are times when the best message in the world is, “We’ll do that for you.”  Once we’ve resolved your issues, you can move forward with clean books and confidence.

Monthly and Quarterly Closing and Survey Services

Our combined business, accounting and QuickBooks expertise often brings clients to Info Plus for monthly and quarterly closing and survey services.  This includes activities such as reconciliation of asset and liability accounts (including bank, credit card, and loan accounts), preparation of adjusting entries, double-checking your financial results to ensure that your numbers are reasonable; and counsel concerning data quality.

Establishing Your Financial Game Plan

Let’s get more profitable!  We review the past 12 months with you, help you set goals for the future, and collaborate on the formula to achieve them.  This is the time when business owners choose to grow their profits not by chance, but by intelligent design.


Learn How We Work with You

“I have known Diane for almost 10 years. She has delivered consistent high quality work ever since we first engaged her firm, Info Plus Accounting.

I have also enjoyed watching her develop into a nationally recognized expert in her field. Diane puts you first. Her devotion is to getting the best results from your investment through her expert knowledge of QuickBooks and the accounting discipline that she will deliver to your organization.

Her job cost tools will help any organization track and report job costs associated with any project. Even though she made her initial impact on the construction industry with job cost tools that integrate with QuickBooks, ALL industries will benefit from her profound application and REAL WORLD handle on job cost and QuickBooks.

We have, and will continue, to recommend Diane and her firm without hesitation. Over the years we have done just that and have always had great feedback on our recommendations. Diane is fair to all prospects and it will be worth your time to give her an invitation to learn more about your needs. You will not be disappointed.

Robert Listerman
BTR Security