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Accounting + QuickBooks Training & Mentoring

Individual or Team Training – We’ll Lead the Way

  • If starting or using a QuickBooks accounting system feels like you’re hacking your way through a dense, overgrown jungle,…
  • If you look at accounting terminology or data flow and it appears that you’ve been dropped off in a foreign land with no local dictionary or interpreter,…
  • If trying to understand your financial results is like groping your way through a dark Halloween “fun-house”,…

–  then you’ll love working with us!

Info Plus offers supportive coaching and hands-on guidance to get you through it all. Success in our book means you’ll emerge from your prior information misadventures feeling victorious. Our training is geared to meet your specific needs, so you get answers without hours of irrelevant data. You simply select the training modules or topics you need.  (We can assist with that, too!)

Individualized Support and Assistance

We work one-to-one with clients, connecting via phone and computer. We go as slowly, or as quickly, as you need, using only the QuickBooks features that apply to your business.

This personalized training is available for owners, bookkeepers, and other data-entry staff, and can be especially useful when there’s a change in bookkeeping staff.

Team Training
If two or three people will be working with your financials, we’ll train them together – no extra cost, no hidden fees.

Online QuickBooks Training
We’ve created an extensive set of training modules that cover a wide variety of Quickbooks Desktop training needs. We call it CAMP (Construction Accounting & Management Program) and it is available via subscription. More than twenty years of partnering with clients have shown us where training adds the most value and alleviates the most frustration. These training modules are available 24/7, for your ultimate convenience.

Accountant, Pro Advisor & Consultant Support
Have a client with special job-costing or industry accounting challenges? There’s no way to know everything about QuickBooks, job costing, and labor burden – unless that’s all you do.

At Info Plus, it IS all we do, and we’d be pleased to team up with you (either behind the scenes, or working directly with you and your client), to help solve unusual or unique circumstances.

Business Owner Consulting
We help you discover the power, secrets, and magic of QuickBooks.

Whether you’re an experienced business owner, or new to understanding financials, we walk you through your reports, starting at ground zero. With years of accounting expertise, we provide private, personalized support to show you how to read the information, spot the problems, analyze the results, and capture the opportunities.

Or maybe you’ve been reviewing financials for years, but suspect the data hides valuable insights simply waiting to be tapped. Just tell us what you’ve been wanting to see, and we’ll do our best to provide you with the information that you’re looking for.

Learn How We Work with You

Diane Keast, Chief Financial Officer
Carty’s Music, Inc. (Retail Music & Instrument Rentals)

“Due to the actual death of our senior bookkeeper, I found the full accounting department dumped in my lap. At the time, I was just the Accounts Receivable girl. Having never been privy to the other books for the company I had a HUGE disaster on my hands.

“Having Diane Gilson walk into my office was my saving grace. She was able to fully analyze our situation, and make the proper recommendations to move us forward. Implementation and training could not have gone better. Diane has a way of working with you, if you don’t understand what you are working on she will stay with it until you do. Her calm manner is always a positive when working on large or complicated projects.

“Diane and I have worked together for more than 15 years, and I don’t know what I would do without her.”

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