Need to track Job Costs & Profitability?

"To control job costs, we need good job-cost reports. Help!”  

  • We_Urgently_Need_Job_Cost_Reports“I've heard QuickBooks can do job-costing.  How do I get started?  Can I get weekly and monthly reports?”
  • “I need a report that shows estimated vs. actual costs by job stage.  How do I set that up?”
  • “Can QuickBooks do job-cost reports for fixed-price, cost-plus, or time and materials jobs?”
  • “We need to track change orders. Can we use QuickBooks to record them as we go?" 


 Info Plus Accounting delivers easy-to-use solutions 

Yes, you can do all of that ... and more!  Accurate, precise job-cost information is available using QuickBooks and tailored tools developed by Info Plus based on years of work solving client challenges.  We help you customize your lists and reports, and teach you to master the system with ease.


cara-laroe"Diane has been working with our remodeling company for over 10 years. She is extremely helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of QuickBooks seems endless at times, and no matter what QuickBooks-related question or issue I have, she always has an answer for me. 

Initially, Diane helped us set up our chart of accounts and lists within QuickBooks so that our reports were accurate and made sense. She patiently trained me how to create accurate P&L’s, Balance Sheets, and Job Cost Reports (as well as how to understand them!). 

I especially like how Diane can work with me remotely by using a WebEx connection – she is able to connect to my computer and we can both work together on it. This saves us both time & money. 

 I would highly recommend Diane Gilson to anyone who is using QuickBooks and needs support, training, or set-up help. The assistance that you receive will be invaluable!"


 Cara LaRoe
LaRoe Remodeling

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