Switching to QuickBooks or Enterprise Solutions?

Looking for a better accounting system?
Need job-costing or management-friendly reporting?

"We should switch to an automated accounting system — maybe QuickBooks — but we'll need expert guidance."

  • Accounting_for_Success_with_QuickBooks“We have an accounting system that doesn't fit our business or budget.  Can you help us change?" 
  • "An outside service does my books, but I’d like to bring it in-house.  Please help.”
  • “I keep manual spreadsheets and know I need to automate so I can get job-cost and other reports. Can you help me make the leap?”
  • “I need help choosing the right accounting system that fits us now and grows with us. What would you advise?"
  • “We have some advanced info and reporting needs, so we're looking for some expert guidance in setting up our new QuickBooks or Enterprise Solutions package.”  


Info Plus Accounting helps you transition to QuickBooks or Enterprise Solutions ... easily 

Choosing the right accounting system, implementing QuickBooks, learning how to use the program with ease, tailoring it to your distinct business needs ... Experienced support takes it from an anxiety-laden experience to one you'll wish you'd pursued years ago.  We guarantee it.  

At Info Plus, we walk you through, step-by-step.  You'll have the full benefit of our consulting expertise, training services, online educational sessions, add-ons designed to solve some of our clients' most common problems, and proprietary tools created for the construction and manufacturing industries.  

The results are remarkable, and their value is visible immediately.

david-easlick"Diane is a fabulous asset to us. She converted our accounting system to QuickBooks and brought us immediately into the 21st Century. I would recommend her unconditionally to anybody needing accounting services. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

David K. Easlick, Jr., J.D.,M.B.A
Executive Director, Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and Rampant Lion Foundation (through mid 2009)
Realtor, Premier Plus Realty (current position)

From: Sally Rudisill of American Compounding Specialties

Sally Rudisill of American Compounding Specialties was new to QuickBooks
and the world of accounting. She explains how Diane Gilson
and Info Plus Accounting have trained her to understand QuickBook’s capabilities...

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