Looking for MORE from QuickBooks?

"I'd like to get more information from my QuickBooks accounting system."


  • We_Want_To_Do_More_With_QuickBooks“We've just scratched the surface with QuickBooks.  Will you teach us more?" 
  • "How about time-saving work-arounds?  Or tricks that give us additional, tailored financial views?”
  • “I'm considering a third-party add-on for my QuickBooks.  Is this a good idea?"
  • “My accounting situation keeps me from growing.  Help!"
  • “I can learn, but I need qualified, supportive training and coaching.”


Info Plus Accounting delivers answers that improve your bottom line

Customized, detailed accounting systems can be the difference between a good business and a vibrant, growing company.  At Info Plus, we have the training — individual, small group and online — you need to use QuickBooks and tailored tools to take your business farther than you imagined possible.

Work-arounds and tricks?  More than we'd care to count!  Add-ons?  We can evaluate those created by others and show you products we've developed for specific industry needs.  (We're proud to have developed tools specifically to address the unique challenges of the construction and manufacturing industries.)  Training?  Whether you're just starting, have a new employee who needs training, or already love QuickBooks as an amazing resource, we provide many opportunities to accelerate your capabilities.

Visit our services and products tabs for further information or use the "Contact Us" box at right.  We'll respond and set up a time to speak with you directly.