Data files: access, security, trouble-shooting

"We need some help managing our QuickBooks data files.”


  • I_Need_Help_with_QuickBooks_Files"How do I access my QuickBooks file from various locations?"
  • “Can we limit individual employees to certain activities, keeping some information private?”
  • “I'm seeing odd results in my file.  Some checks disappeared, and my bank reconciliation balance changed.  What's going on?”
  • “Our file size is getting large.  What are our options?”
  • “Can we speed up the run time on reports?”
  • “My balance sheet doesn't balance.  Help!”


Info Plus Accounting helps you master the details

At Info Plus, we know details make a huge difference.  Certain behind-the-scenes fixes can bridge the gap between worry and confidence, and between frustration and a real sense of accomplishment.  We have (or find) the answers you need to make your accounting tasks more pleasurable, valuable and rewarding.

If you want to work from home or from the road, we show you how to do it.  If your file is getting too large or running too slow, we offer solutions.  If you want certain employees to see only certain information, we guide you through the security choices.  If your results are looking really odd, we check for underlying causes.  For truly unusual technical issues, we have access to special, top-level Intuit problem-solvers.

We're your one-stop shop – your go-to source for QuickBooks questions, needs and opportunities.  If you're having problems, ask us about it.  If you wish you could do something with your accounting system, check with us.  There's a good chance we'll find a way to make it happen.

Visit our services and products tabs for further information or use the "Contact Us" box at right.  We'll respond and set up a time to speak with you directly.