Learn how to profit from employee labor - Now!

Wish you could easily and accurately calculate 
your REAL labor and labor burden costs?
...Or find out how much you're (probably) 
under-charging on your employees' labor?

Stop losing money on employee labor!  Instead, get smart with the

Qlean$tart® Accounting Solutions
Employee Cost & Pricing AnalyzerTM (eCPA)



Definition:  Labor burden consists of paid time off + benefits + additional labor-related costs incurred
to create an environment in which employees can perform the work they're hired to do.


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Labor-Burden-Cost-and-Billing-Rate-CalculationseCPA's labor burden calculations reveal
what each employee REALLY costs per production hour...

And without underlying, fully-burdened labor cost data, how do you know that you're charging the right amount? For example:  assume that one of your employees (after allowing for time off and overtime) is available to work 1,850 hours per year.  If you're undercharging:

•  By just $5/hour on one employee you're forfeiting income of $9,250 per year.
•  By $12/hour, you're losing $22,200 each year. And that's for just one employee! 

Imagine the impact for all of your employees:
...What could this do to your company's profits over a period of several years?

Why you (likely) don't have access to accurate, fully-burdened labor cost information...

In larger corporations, professional, experienced cost accountants regularly document the numerous time and cost elements that contribute to labor burden. Those cost accountants then compute exact burdened labor costs per production hour and the results are used by management and sales departments for estimating and pricing calculations.

Because very few general bookkeepers (or even experienced general accountants) know how to accumulate and calculate labor burden rates, most smaller companies just don't know what their fully-burdened labor costs really are.  As a result, employee costs are generally under-estimated, and the company continues to struggle under the weight of hidden labor costs.

Got employees?  Finally, an easy-to-use cost calculation and pricing solution!

Because independent businesses need this critical information as much as larger companies, and because there was no other reasonable solution available in the marketplace, Info Plus Accounting developed this proprietary, Qlean$tart Accounting Solution: Employee Cost and Pricing Analyzer™ (eCPA).

eCPA has been designed to be flexible, customizable, and appropriate for a multitude of businesses and industries, including construction, manufacturing, engineering, attorneys, consultants, and other professional and technical services.

How does the eCPA work, and what do I get?

You'll receive full instructions, and the process works as follows:  You'll first enter shared-cost information into the Reference Sheet, and then drop in specific data for individual employees.  The eCPA then automatically computes results for each employee + for your entire company.  You'll be able to see fully-burdened employee labor costs, and target billing rates for 1 to 200 employees.

For each of your employees you will:

  • See detailed and summary labor burden cost for each employee
  • Determine exactly what you SHOULD be earning for each labor hour for that employee
  • Discover the annual impact of what you are under (or over) charging for that employee

Company-wide results (up to 25 departments or employee levels) are revealed in two summary reports.  You'll see:

  • Labor burden and target income results summarized by department, process, or employee level.
  • Direct, Indirect, and General/Admin results

As costs and/or circumstances change, you'll be able to easily update, and document, your employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer results.

eCPA provides fact-based information to help you:
  • Prepare accurate labor cost estimates and make profitable pricing decisions
  • Include reasonable, up-to-date burdened labor costs in job cost reports
  • Determine whether overtime is a smart business decision for your company (sometimes it is!)
  • Measure productivity and create data-based employee evaluations
  • Make objective compensation and benefit decisions
  • Accurately split employee costs between companies (multi-company applications)
  • Know whether you should add more employees or consider outsourcing
Mac User?

The eCPA is compatible with Office for Mac 2011.

Are you a QuickBooks or Enterprise user?

eCPA has been designed to provide the information you need to automatically post allocated burden costs to QuickBooks job-cost reports (complete instructions included).

Bonus:  Free Training Video

1.5 hour online video training workshop.  Watch from your computer as Diane Gilson walks you through exactly how to complete and utilize your eCPA.  (Online training link provided as a bonus add-in to product.)


Click "Video" icon for labor burden videos

The Employee Cost & Pricing AnalyzerTM (eCPA) is available in four versions:
  • Version e — up to 6 departments/employee levels and 40 employees ($497)

For smaller companies with basic operations - e.g. 3 levels for "production"
employees or departments + owner, admin, and sales departments...

  • Version C — up to 10 departments/employee levels and 100 employees ($597)

For companies desiring to track more production stages, departments, or employee levels...

  • Version P — up to 25 departments/employee levels and 100 employees ($797)

For companies with even more departments or increasingly complex production phases...

  • Version A — up to 25 departments/employee levels and 200 employees ($997)

For larger companies with a variety of departments and/or complex production processes...

Select the version you wish to use at checkout:



Note 1: File customized with your name will be delivered electronically within 1-2 business days.  License is valid to compute results for a single business entity (name of entity appears on all reports).  Please indicate the name of the entity to appear on reports during the checkout process.

Note 2: Consultants & Accountants:  We love working with consultants and accountants, but please note that this product is NOT licensed for use to compute results for multiple entities.  If you wish to utilize this product for more than one client, please contact us for helpful insights and discounted licensing arrangements.  We appreciate your consideration regarding legal intellectual property rights....

Note 3: Due to upgrades & enhancement, this product was originally released as the Qlean$tart Labor Burden Calculator.  It has been renamed to the eCPA (Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer) to more accurately reflect its expanded capabilities.