Hosted QuickBooks: Your space on a secure server

Hosted QuickBooks:

Online access from anywhere to QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise
   + the benefits of an in-house server,
       at a fraction of the cost...


Previous Computer Management Approaches

As a business owner, you've probably faced limited options for optimizing your technology:

  • You might hire an outside IT consultant to manage your computing needs — at a pretty hefty cost.
  • You might locate a college whiz-kid to fulfill the company's IT needs.  This option costs less, but it comes loaded with risks such as:  
    ...Poor handling and incorrect advice due to lack of experience;
    ...Potential security issues; and 
    ...Returning to ground zero when the whiz-kid moves on. 
  • You or your office manager might  venture into the world of technology management yourselves.  Your time and training dollars likely exceed the cost of an outside IT consultant and your risks are similar to those for the college whiz-kid.  Further, you'll likely decide you have more important roles ... such as running the company.

Don't be discouraged!  There IS another answer.

How Hosted Computing Works

Instead of storing all of your software and files on your personal computer or keeping it on a company server, you can house your data and software on an extremely secure server located in a professionally managed data center.

Using a high-speed Internet connection and a secure password, you log into a sophisticated series of commercial servers.  Once signed in, your computer looks almost exactly like your old system. no matter your physical location.  You use software and store documents as you always have — creating documents, storing information, accessing e-mail, browsing the web, etc.  Only now, you don't have to depend on your own PC to process and store these activities.

Servers at your hosting center likely are far more powerful than your own and are maintained by engineers who keep them up-to-date, working efficiently, and secure.  Their capabilities mean you don't need to replace or upgrade your existing software or computers, because now they're simply terminals.  Importantly, your data is encrypted and protected against virus attacks ... AND backed up daily.

A Simple and Secure Business Network Solution

Hosted computing, available through Info Plus and its hosting center partners, streamlines your business by providing:

  • Access from any computer with an Internet connection. 
  • Applications hosted at a secure data center.
  • Name-brand software delivered to your desktop (e.g., QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, ACT!, etc.). 
  • Quick and painless installation.
  • Upgrades tested and installed by your hosting service.
  • Real-time access for your staff to accounting files, customer relations data, job files, etc.
  • Control of user access to sensitive information.
  • Managed virus protection.
  • Automatic data backup (incremental backup nightly, full backup weekly).
  • Reduced cost of IT management.
  • 24/7 technical support (your IT team is located at the data center).
How Can I Learn More or Get Started with Hosted Computing?

Info Plus Accounting is happy to help you get started with a hosted computing solution.  Pricing is reasonable and based on the number of users and types of software you need.  To learn more about this time-saving, worry-free, stable, and secure network solution please contact us toll-free at 866-244-2228.