QuickBooks implementation & enhancement

QuickBooks: Build it, tailor it, use it easily


3_People_at_Computer-Brick-3475257_blogAt Info Plus, we work with you at your level and pace
If you’re just getting started and want us to help you set up your program and customize it to your business, we’ll do that.  Or if you need to re-work your existing QuickBooks structure, or you’re more experienced and want to master more advanced functions, we're here to coach you in those areas as well.   

After an initial survey to learn where you are, and what you're looking to accomplish, most clients advance through the following three phases:

Phase 1 — Identify the QuickBooks structure that’s appropriate for your needs
Our goal:  To implement your project with your end goals in mind (i.e., "What do you want out of your accounting and management information system?") — so that together, we can build (or modify) your managment reporting system accordingly.

Phase 2 — Training to use the program with ease and efficiency
QuickBooks and accounting can be intimidating – but not if you’re willing to take it a step at a time and become well-trained.  As you’re working in the program and discovering its capabilities, it’s also easy to tweak and improve the structure.  We show you how to do it all and work in tandem with you to get it done.

Phase 3 — We conduct or help you establish a month-end closing process
Phase 3 is designed to verify that data is being entered correctly, your questions are answered, the structure is working well, you’re getting the reports you want and need, etc.  You’re on your way … and we make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Here's a brief outline of just some of the features and options we help you to understand and use (actual choices depend on the unique requirements of your business):

Structure & Design

  • Customizing QuickBooks Features to match your company's needs
  • Setting Security Levels & Permissions
  • Existing Lists - Import if possible
  • Establishing a meaningful and useful Chart of Accounts
  • Customer:Job List decisions and guidance 
  • Item List (design and decisions are critical as Items are used for Job Costing, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Time Tracking, Inventory, etc.)
  • Class List (are classes necessary for your business? If so - what are the best practices?  If no - save time and money.)
  • Vendor List
  • Other Lists (used to form the basis of transactions and/or to extract useful management information)

Training - Designed for your specific business

  • Establishing Opening Balances
  • Entering Transactions
  • Complex and/or Memorized Transactions
  • Payroll Overview, Objectives, and Options
  • Payroll - Basic Set Up & Entries
  • Payroll - Advanced (e.g., job costing, labor burden entries, commissions, etc. - as needed)
  • Month-End Closing Procedures (e.g., proofing, reconciling, adjusting, etc.) 
  • Accounting Controls & Data Integrity
  • Accessing and Using Your Management Reports

Advanced Applications & Tools

  • Custom Fields
  • Special Calculations
  • Memorized or Complex Transactions
  • Specialized Management Reports
  • Customized Forms
  • Custom Programming or Reporting Resources