The Great QuickBooks Challenge!

(Tips you're going to love.)

Our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors created this series of “Great QuickBooks Challenges” to help you test and expand your accounting and business knowledge.  Use these quick challenges to discover what you do and don't know about QuickBooks and accounting practices, then use the companion articles for more information and tips.

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Financial Plans & Budgets Challenge
Do you have a “Plan to Plan?” Here’s a Challenge to get your mental gears oiled and ready for action.

Mega-Quiz on Mega-files Challenge
Do you have a QuickBooks file that has grown quite large ( >60 megabytes)? Is it too big or too slow? Take this Challenge to learn more about file sizes.

Icon Bars Challenge
Want to test your knowledge and learn more about QuickBooks Icon Bars?

Month-End Closing Procedures Challenge
Would you like a better understanding of QuickBooks Month-End Closing procedures? Take this Challenge and learn more.

Payroll Taxes, Company Contributions, and Job Costing Challenge
Do you know how to assign the correct company-paid payroll taxes and contributions to your job costs? This Challenge tests your knowledge and gives you expert tips.

Percentage of Completion Adjustments Challenge
Are you aware of the errors most commonly made in Percentage of Completion Adjustment entries? Take this Challenge to make sure you're making the most of these important accounting entries.

Gathering & Harvesting Today’s Time Challenge
Think you’re on top of the most effective ways to record employee work time? This Challenge provides guidelines to help you work with optimal efficiency.

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